The IELTS teachers

All of our teachers have in depth knowledge of the IELTS exam and have met our high standardisation test to ensure they can grade your tests correctly. We have chosen these IELTS teachers to mark and grade your tests so that you get the best possible feedback.

  • *All teachers are carefully selected. We only choose teachers who have the right experience for your IELTS course.
  • *Your teachers all hold internationally accepted EFL qualifications and have appropriate teaching experience.
  • *Your teachers keep up-to-date with the latest teaching and IELTS exam techniques.
  • *We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that you get the highest standard of teaching and marking.
  • *Your teachers give comprehensive feedback on IELTS tests, including detailed corrections for writing assignments.

Meet some of the teachers on your IELTS course:

Please note: you cannot choose your teacher and a specific teacher will be allocated to you


Mel has worked at Leeds English Language School since 2012. She has attended several specialist training courses for IELTS teaching and she has helped many students reach their goals of joining university or finding work.


Cass is a local Leeds girl who has recently joined the My iTeacher team! She became an English teacher in 2003 and has worked in Spain and the UK. She has a lot of experience preparing students for a variety of English language exams.


Neil holds the Cambridge DELTA and has taught IELTS for over 6 years. He has seen many students get very high scores in the IELTS test. He is a Senior Teacher at Leeds English Language School


Francine has helped a lot of students to pass their IELTS exams and particularly enjoys working with students to improve their writing skills. She has worked at the University of Leeds teaching Academic English on the pre-sessional courses and she is a Senior Teacher at Leeds English Language School.


Weronika has been a teacher at Leeds English Language School since 2013. She has a Master's degree in TESOL and she has attended several specialist IELTS teacher training workshops in the UK. She has helped a lot of students to pass their IELTS tests in Leeds, and she is looking forward to working with more students from around the world with My iTeacher!


Sandy is an IELTS specialist at Leeds English Language School. The students love her! Sandy is used to giving excellent feedback to enable students to improve their IELTS scores in writing and Listening.