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The simple way to get a higher IELTS score

Excellent online IELTS courses

Writing tests - Download a PDF with practice test questions, write your answer and upload it. IELTS teachers mark your work and give you a score.

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Speaking tests - Contact your teacher, arrange a 30 minute Skype session and do a practice speaking exam. IELTS teachers mark your work and give you a score.

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IELTS Practice with an IELTS TEACHER - 100 hours of IELTS exercises, tests and tips in all skills. IELTS tests marked and graded. Work at your own speed. Improve your IELTS score.

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Compare our online IELTS courses

Our four online IELTS courses cover either all four skills or just IELTS writing or IELTS speaking. Whatever you choose you can be assured of IELTS success.

IELTS Speaking TestsAcademic IELTS Writing TestsTotal IELTS Course (4 Skills)
Do 3 IELTS speaking Tests on Skype with your teacherSend 3 IELTS writing tests (task 1 and task 2) to your teacherDo 4 IELTS tests marked and graded (speaking or writing)
Get clear written instructions on how to improve your IELTS scoreFind out your IELTS score from your teacherStudy on a teacher-led course with an IELTS teacher. Message your teacher throughout the course.
Answer questions for part 1, part 2, part 3 (15 mins) just like the real testReceive clear instructions on how to improve your IELTS scorePrepare with a 12 module IELTS Writing Course
Receive instant feedback from your teacher (15 mins)Study a 12 module writing course for extra practice in your own timeComplete 100 hours of IELTS exercises, tests, tutorials (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
8 weeks8 Weeks8 weeks
IELTS Speaking Tests
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Academic IELTS Writing Tests
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Total IELTS Course (4 Skills)
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Sample Feedback

The IELTS teacher marks your writing test: Sample marking

The IELTS teacher gives you comprehensive feedback and an equivalent IELTS grade: Sample writing report

Sample Course

Try a free sample to see how it all works. Good Luck!

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The IELTS teachers

All of our teachers have in depth knowledge of the IELTS exam and have met our high standardisation test to ensure they can grade your tests correctly. We have chosen these IELTS teachers to mark and grade your tests so that you get the best possible feedback.

  • *All teachers are carefully selected. We only choose teachers who have the right experience for your IELTS course.
  • *Your teachers all hold internationally accepted EFL qualifications and have appropriate teaching experience.
  • *Your teachers keep up-to-date with the latest teaching and IELTS exam techniques.
  • *We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that you get the highest standard of teaching and marking.
  • *Your teachers give comprehensive feedback on IELTS tests, including detailed corrections for writing assignments.

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Student success

Many of our students have achieved high IELTS scores to enable them to become doctors, go to university or get a better paid job. We have helped hundreds of students achieve their goal.